‘Seeing is Believing’ Q&A

The ‘Safe at Home’ Series Keeps Seniors Living Not Only Independently, But Happy & Healthy At Home

Popularity of the ‘Safe at Home’ series soars

Each month a brand new topic helps keep seniors living healthy at home

(VIERA, FL)  June 2, 2017 –  We sat down with One Senior Place Owner and CEO, Don Kramer to get the scoop on just how helpful this monthly seminar series is for the seniors of Central Florida!  He answered some questions to share a bit more information with those who have not heard of this exciting endeavor!  And be sure not to miss our next chapter of this series on June 12th at 2-3pm, Seeing Is Believing: Preventing Falls With Better Vision with special guest speaker Dr. Hetal Vaishnav of The Eye Institute.

Q: How popular is the Safe at Home seminar series?

A: Surprisingly popular! We’ve had a full house just about every month. And honestly, it shouldn’t have been surprising, since just about every senior that comes in tells us that they want to age in place. Seniors are extremely interested in learning how to avoid anything that could come between them and their goal of living independently at home.

Q: Why is it important for seniors to attend the series?

A: There are many pitfalls on the path to living safely at home, and thinking about how to avoid them all can feel overwhelming. Fortunately, there are many steps we can take that are powerful and really quite simple… simple, but not necessarily obvious. The experts we bring in to speak at our Safe At Home series focus on practical, step-by-step solutions.

Q: Do you discuss different health care options for seniors with poor vision who are worried they can’t pay to fix it?

A: As part of our free consultation and intake process, our Referral Specialists and Care Managers discuss a wide variety of options and strategies. We never lose sight of the fact that any successful strategy must strike the right balance between what someone needs and what they can afford.

Q: What are some seniors’ concerns about solutions for impaired vision? (i.e. surgeries)

A: Interestingly, the number one concern is equating impaired vision with loss of independence. We all dread the day that we will no longer be able to drive.

As far as falls are concerned, we knew that most seniors are acutely aware of the danger of falling. But as we were gearing up for this event, we were a little surprised to learn that most of them were not aware that low vision was a major risk factor.

Q: How can seniors call for help in case of a fall, if living alone or is alone when it happens?

A: The “Silver Tsunami” of aging Baby Boomers combined with a shrinking supply of family and professional caregivers is a perfect storm, a senior-care crisis that we’re only just beginning to feel. The good news is that this is driving technology and innovative business models into the market, including some really interesting solutions to that exact question. Stay tuned…  we’ll be covering that topic in a future Safe at Home presentation.

Q: How often do seniors experience falls in their life, with or without impaired vision?

A: The statistics are grim: according to the National Council on Aging, every 11 seconds, an older adult is treated in the emergency room for a fall, and every 19 minutes, an older adult dies from a fall. Dr. Vaishnav is doing really fascinating research that looks at the role of impaired vision in falls, and we’re all looking forward to hearing him answer that question.

Q: Is there limited seating?

A: Yes. We never like to turn anyone away, so we urge you to RSVP to 321-751-6771 so we can save you a seat.

Be sure to reserve your spot for June 12th’s Seeing Is Believing: Preventing Falls With Better Vision.  The ‘Safe At Home’ Series is held every second Monday of each month with a different topic to help keep you safe and independent at home.  Brought to you by Senior Partner In-Home Care.