What Our Customers Say…

Thank you for all your help with Mr. Y. We appreciate the time you spent with him. As always Lisa, you went above and beyond. Thank you Stacey & Christine
-Stacey & Christine
Karen is a gem and we are very thankful she was there for us. We depended on her and she did more for us than I ever thought would be possible. Dad and I look forward to continue working with Karen as Dad begins his road to recovery. From a very grateful and thankful son!
-Pete T.
Senior Partners took care of my father-in-law for many years. We arranged care when he was in rehab and they began the day he returned home. They worked with us to provide the services we needed — for several hours a day when he was in better shape and 24/7 for the last years of his life. Senior Partners consistently provided care givers who were knowledgeable, experienced, compassionate, and friendly. Many providers were with him for years and truly became members of the family. He was able to live out his life at home because of the care they provided. We thank Senior Partners for making it easy to work with them and for providing such wonderful folks to take care of him. We recommend their services to anyone needing help.
-Bob Cavanaugh
The perfect team; Barbara, Lisa and Tammy. Our heartfelt thanks to each lady and our highest commendation to each for a job well done!
-Victor H.
Senior Partner Care Services caregivers have taken care of my father since October 2017. The staff members are available 24/7 for questions or concerns and always keep me updated on changes to the schedule. The caregivers are dependable, compassionate and very caring. I know my father is in good hands with them.
-Sandy Williams
Great personalized care during my father’s later days.
-Randy MacBlane
I want to thank you “care-ing” and sincere caring over the past five years. Our mom’s quality of life was improved because of all the help and support you all provided. From the instant caregivers that were provided to weekly visits, to Medicare denials, and to calming my hysterics, everyone was the best. Thank you Lisa, Payton, Andrea, Angie, Carolyn and Barbara!
-Cyndie K.
The staff of both Senior Partner Care Services (SPCS) and One Senior Place (OSP) are wonderful folks having a wealth of knowledge which guided me through the maze of options for senior care. A few years ago, I was overwhelmed in handling my 90-year-old mother’s declining health, mobility and care needs. With the assistance of SPCS’s experts, they were able to provide me caregivers to assist with my mother’s day-to-day care needs. My mother was very accepting of the caregivers and the caregiver(s) became like family and a dear friend to my mother. During the final years of my mother’s life, the one thing my mother and me never worried about was her care needs provided by SPCS. I want to thank all staff at both SPCS and OSP for their guidance, help and support in providing my mother with the best care in her final years. And whenever I can, if I hear of a friend or acquaintance having care issues for a senior family member, I highly recommend them to SPCS and OSP. Thank You, Wayne Cooper
-A Google User
The services of the caregiver sent to help me have been exemplary in that she has not only been a delight to know personally, but her willingness to do her authorized duties in my behalf were engaged with efficiency and thoroughness. If professional quality of your staff were concomitant to her, you have a splendid organization to manage and of which to be justly proud of. Thank you for your splendid assistance.
-Herman S.
The Senior Partner Care Services Team helped care for my father for several years. Every member of the team is dedicated, caring and compassionate. They went out of their way to keep my father comfortable and happy. I highly recommend their services.
-Shelly C
Angie is very willing to accommodate all my requests for coverage. Some caregivers did not work out but Angie always worked hard to find replacements. Thank you Angie!!
-Susan S
Thank you for all the care and attention you gave to my mom and dad over the last 4 1/2 years. I am so grateful that I found your company when my parent’s needed the additional help. Living so far away posed many challenges but knowing you were caring for them helped ease my mind. The flexibility of your staff and caregiver over the last few months is especially appreciated. Thank you for all you did for them so they can stay in their home.
-Lucy K.
I could not have navigated the last seven years without the help of senior partners. They were dependable and compassionate every time we called on them to meet a need.
Our family wants to especially thank Senior Partner Care Services for the love, wonderful care and understanding they showed our father. His struggle with Dementia was challenging and heartbreaking. Their knowledge and expertise was most appreciated.
-Michael D.
I was responsible for caring for my Aunt who lives in Florida while I live in California. I started using the services of Senior Partners in 2014 when my aunt fell and broke her femur. With the unbelievable, caring and efficient services of a Geriatric Care Manager and 24/7 caregivers, my Aunt was able to stay in her own home until she recently passed away at the age of 101. It was a great relief to me to be able to rely on Senior Partners for all medical care and homecare for my Aunt – including two evacuations from hurricanes. All was done very professionally, but also with genuine care and personal attention to my Aunt who could be a little “feisty” at times. A huge thank you to all at Senior Partners!
-A very thankful niece
I would like to thank Senior Partner for providing caregivers for my dad when we needed it the most, many times at the last minute. It made a big difference. And a special thank you to his caregiver Juliet. She was kind, professional and went the extra mile if needed. I always felt comfortable that my father was in good hands when he was with her. Our second caregiver Rosa also provided great care for him.
-Shirley T
Peace of mind and Professionalism accurately describe my experience with Senior Partners Care Service. I do not live near my mom and they have are they to help when I can not.
-Vicki Moon
I am very pleased and thankful for Senior Partner Care Management and the services of Nurse Karen. She is GOLD!
-Jeff S.
I must say how wonderful Lisa Conway is working out. My parents just adore her. She is overseeing appts, meds etc. and coordinating some caregiver help. Lisa is smart, pleasant and consummate professional. Thanks again.
-Greg C.
Thank you Dayanara for being my “little sister” during my hospital and rehab stays. Knowing you were there with me, helped me feel safe and comfortable when I was most anxious. You always made sure I was well taken care of by hospital and rehab staff and got all my questions answered. Thank you for holding my hand when I was truly scared.
-Jerry O.
administration is top notch and the aids were everything I had hoped for.
-Jackie Fieseler
The team at Senior Partner Care Services cared for my father for several years. They are dedicated, caring and compassionate professionals. My father was comfortable and happy in their care. Living several states away, I had the peace of mind knowing he was in good hands. I highly recommend their services.
-Shelly Barrett Campbell
I would like to thank you for all you have done for me. As you are probably more aware than I, I have lost my coping skills rather suddenly. You were so understanding and generous, making it all work out right. Something that I had given up thinking it could be done. It was such a wonderful present to me, and delivered with such a light, modest touch as you solved problem after problem. I am especially thankful for your time and the way you treated the whole situation as the most natural thing in the world. Thank you.
-Jill J.
Needed around the clock care for a relative. Interviewed several services and picked Senior Care. It was a great decision. There care providers were on time, extremely helpful and very kind to my relative. And the price was fair.
-Sidney Crouch
Having Senior Partner Care Services help as my mom transitioned from needing some assistance at home, to moving to assisted living, to moving to memory care, was invaluable. As we weren’t physically around in Melbourne, Nurse Karen helped provide oversight that we couldn’t otherwise have provided, and was there for us multiple times when immediate assistance was needed. I highly recommend their services. And have done so multiple times to friends and family.
-Ali Jalili